There are many play-by-play voices, but there’s only one Ray Hudson.

The soccer broadcaster for beIN Sports is well known for his theatrical goal calls and hyperbolic descriptions.

We know he loves the beautiful game, but if his Twitter account is any indication, he loves hockey too.

Hudson watched the NHL game between the Detroit Red Wings and Montreal Canadiens on Friday night, and as you’d expect, his commentary was amazing.

He didn’t seem so thrilled at first.

Then he paid a nice compliment to Red Wings analyst Mickey Redmond.

Imagine Hudson calling hockey. Just imagine.

Then he brought Canada into it.

Canadians learn to drink and watch hockey as soon as they’re legally allowed, Ray. It’s part of the culture. But we digress.

Please, continue.

The circumstances surrounding the invention of hockey have long been disputed, so maybe Hudson is on to something.

Ray is just full of ideas. Let’s make this happen.

Okay, that needs to happen.

He then revealed what may have inspired him to watch puck on a Friday night.

You know, these tweets are great, but we haven’t seen a classic Hudson-ism yet.

There it is. Take us home, Ray.

I mean, what can you even say about that? Just incredible. We may never see soccer stars play hockey, but is it too much to ask for Hudson to get a chance to call a hockey game? If there was any doubt about how entertaining that would be, these hockey tweets put that doubt to bed.

Let’s make it happen.

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