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We haven’t even reached June 1st yet, and the tiresome Derek Jeter retirement tour is running out of things to discuss. Today, ESPN New York posted a article outlining Jeter’s four favorite movies. This is the epitome of “we have no idea what to talk about now”.

For those curious, Jeter’s top four movies are American History X (which he describes as pretty good), Major League (which he describes as pretty good), The Shawshank Redemption (which he describes as an overall good movie), and The Five Heartbeats (which he describes as a good movie – but only if you like music!). Jeter also thinks that The Shining and Scarface are both “good”.

Is this real life? How was this blog post green lit? Who really cares what movies Derek Jeter likes? I actually feel a little bad for him – based on his responses, it’s clear that Jeter wasn’t really into this. Who calls his favorite movie “pretty good”? You’d call a $3 chicken sandwich from Bojangles pretty good – you wouldn’t call a $50 cut of medium rare filet mignon from an amazing restaurant “pretty good”.

We’ve only got four months to go on the Jeter retirement tour, unless the Yankees make it to the playoffs. The deluge of Derek Jeter All-Star columns will probably clog up the Jeter obsession in June and into July, but where are we going to go after that? A look at Jeter’s favorite post-game snacks? A thorough examination of his personal grooming products? Please, let’s take the hero worship down a notch.

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