Confirming he is indeed the worst, Skip Bayless went on First Take this morning and called Johnny Manziel an alcoholic and a liar.  Manziel denied reports that he threw a party over the weekend that caused him to be late to team activities.  However, he has even admitted himself that he needs to grow up in a hurry if his NFL career is to amount to anything.

But it’s a looooooooooooooong way to go from “parties too much and needs to grow up” to “is an alcoholic.”  Of course, in Bayless’ cyborg mind, a wild accusation that someone is an alcoholic is worth it when you’ve got a cable television debate to win.

I’m sure Skip Bayless has a lot of evidence and medical knowledge to make that kind of declaration.  And I’m sure ESPN is going to stand by him and his remarks 100%.

By the way, only one of those final two sentences is sarcastic.

H/T SB Nation

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