Jose Canseco’s Twitter adventures have gone in several different directions over the years, but one constant has been his trolling of Shaquille O’Neal. Well, Shaq isn’t taking it anymore – he wants to fight Canseco.

The Inside the NBA analyst told MMA Fighting’s Ariel Helwani that he wanted a fight with Canseco and would knock him out.

“I’m pretty good,” O’Neal told Helwani. “I could probably beat the hell out of Jose Canseco.”

“I don’t like him.”


“I’ll probably knock him out in 42 seconds,” said O’Neal. “I need to just play with him a little bit. Give the fans their money’s worth and then knock him out.”

O’Neal also fired shots at Canseco on Twitter after some more recent trolling.

The “hung man Choy” line from Shaq is a reference to Canseco’s MMA fight with kickboxer Hong Man Choi for Japan’s now-defunct DREAM in 2009. The fight was a joke that featured Canseco running away from the 7’2″ Choi for most of the 1:17 the fight lasted, occasionally throwing a kick that looked like it was out of a bad action movie.

Don’t believe me? Check the fight out for yourself.

This fight obviously won’t be happening, especially after Turner put the kibosh on a possible Shaq-Charles Barkley fight last week. But could you imagine a fight between the two? Canseco seems like one of those wannabe tough guys that talks a big game but never backs it up, while O’Neal seems like someone that isn’t afraid to back up his trash talk. If a fight ever happened, it would set the bar for celebrity fisticuffs pretty high in the future.

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