Shaq must be bored. He is apparently working on a sequel to his mid-90s video game, Shaq Fu. While the idea has been in the works for almost a year, it became official on Thursday when O'Neal and his developers launched a crowdfunding platform. Via USA Today:

The game, Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn, is a tale of O’Neal being kidnapped by an anonymous somebody who is well-known (and wearing a ninja costume). Shaq needs to vanquish this anonymous villain, who you find out about when playing the game, and then fight his way free.
Rumors began to swirl about a sequel to Shaq Fu since O’Neal joked about it last year. On Thursday, the developers and O’Neal made the official confirmation of its existence by launching a fundraising campaign on IndieGogo, a popular crowdfunding platform. The team put the goal at $450,000 – which Karch said is less than 20 percent of the actual money it will cost to make.

Call me crazy, but this does not sound like a very compelling video game. Also, why are they only trying to raise 20% of the actual cost? Also part two, isn't Shaq worth, like, a bazillion dollars? Perhaps he does not want to sink his fortune in to a video game that will fail, but if my math is correct (and I had to repeat Algebra, so it probably isn't), he would only need to put up, like, $2.5 million or something for this to happen. He probably has that cash lying around in his Buick.
As of this literal moment, the campaign has raised just north of $50,000. So, they've got a ways to go. 

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