In case you were wondering just what exactly goes on in the mind of FIFA head Sepp Blatter, some quotes that he made this weekend should enlighten you a little bit. In talking about the much-maligned 2022 World Cup in Qatar, Blatter said the criticism of it was inspired by “a great deal of discrimination and racism”. Yes, that is an actual thing he said.

Sure Sepp, everyone that has a negative view about the potentially disastrous World Cup in Qatar is a racist. All of those sponsors, like Visa, Adidas, Sony, Coca-Cola, and Hyundai, are damn dirty racists. It has nothing to do with the rampant corruption involved in the bidding process, nothing to do with the hundreds of deaths of migrant workers – but it has EVERYTHING to do with hating the Qatari people!

Blatter wasn’t done there, showing his true intentions by also claiming that these vicious racists in the British press wanted “to destroy, not the game, but they want to destroy the institution”. Yep, protests over Qatar have nothing to do with saving lives, getting corruption out of the game, or avoiding playing in extreme temperatures – it’s all about killing FIFA and knocking poor Sepp out of power!

It’s a shame that these comments popped up after John Oliver’s amazing rant about FIFA and Blatter on Sunday night. He would have had a field day.

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