Coming this fall, there will be another traveling college football pregame show to pretend to watch while College Gameday is on.

“SEC Nation” on the yet-to-be-launched SEC Network, will seemingly compete with its fellow ESPN college football road show, but only travel to SEC locations.

Launching Aug. 14, the long-rumored talent lineup was officially announced for “SEC Nation” and it will comprise of Joe Tessitore as host, former LSU defensive lineman Marcus Spears, former Florida quarterback and ESPN content-filler Tim Tebow and Southern radio therapist Paul Finebaum.

Tessitore brings professionalism to the hosting job, as well as an uncanny knack for finding himself in unpredictable predicaments. Pitting innocent, wholesome Tim Tebow goodness against “talk radio provocateur” Finebaum (as the press release so kindly described him) is sure to be a ratings getter. Just imagine Finebaum making a joke about Tennessee and Tebow retorting with something about how they try their best.

But unlike Gameday, who is burdened with giving love to more than one conference, SEC Nation will visit all 14 SEC schools, starting with South Carolina on Aug. 28 and Auburn on Aug. 30. Vanderbilt leads off the show’s September run on Sept. 6, followed by Florida and Alabama in the subsequent weeks. The show will air from 10 a.m.-noon ET every week, except when it airs 4-6 p.m. on opening night in South Carolina. If your cable or satellite provider carries the channel by that point.

It remains to be seen if college football needs yet another Saturday morning pregame show, but SEC Nation will at least make the effort to get onto campuses, and try to recreate some of that College Gameday magic that works so well.

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