Earlier today, I discussed ESPN’s disappointing production values during the 2014 Home Run Derby. In addition to the live mics, questionable directorial choices, and shoddy tracking job of home runs, ESPN’s graphics department also had a rough evening.

Jose Bautista isn’t a Yankee. He’s never been a Yankee. He’s a Blue Jay.

The Florida Marlins ceased to exist following the 2011 MLB season. They’ve been the Miami Marlins for two and a half seasons since then.

Troy Tulowitzki is a member of the Colorado Rockies. They play in the National League.

The Bautista error is the most egregious, as the other two could be explained away by simple brain farts. But still – this is one of the Worldwide Leader’s most-viewed MLB telecasts of the season. Maybe one of these mistakes sneaks through during a normal event, but all three? That’s just embarrassing.

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