It was only a matter of time before Charles Barkley’s feud with San Antonio got stupid.

Barkley has a long-running gag on Inside the NBA of making fun of the city of San Antonio and its women.  He’s even said that it’s a joke and he’s just having fun.  We’ve even seen Tim Duncan’s girlfriend Vanessa Macias get in on the act wearing a “Barkley Don’t Know” t-shirt to Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals.

But then somebody just has to take it too far.  As always.  That somebody is The Billy Madison Show of 99.5 KISS San Antonio.

The show sent one of its staffers, “Nard” (no word on if that is indeed his real name), to meet Barkley out in public with a camera and talk to him about his comments on San Antonio.  One of those meetings happened at a local bar where Sir Charles didn’t take too kindly to being ambushed by a radio personality off the air.  In fact, another gentleman has to step in and get “Nard” away from Barkley before he was thrown through a window.

But that wasn’t all.  Earlier in the week “Nard” again came up to Barkley when he was walking on the street outside a San Antonio Five Guys in another TMZ-like moment.  The show is definitely playing up and promoting their ambushing of Barkley like crazy on social media.  Naturally, the Facebook comments on the Nard vs Chuck showdown aren’t exactly a ringing endorsement for societal progress and public discourse.

I’m sure there’s many folks in San Antonio that will eat these videos up and say that Barkley’s getting what’s coming to him.  But ambushing Barkley on the street in a series of videos isn’t entertainment, it’s harassing a public figure when he’s just trying to act like a regular person.

(H/T Extra Mustard)

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