I don’t really have a great hook to lead off this story. It’s one of those stories where you read the headline and just go “that’s the joke!” We will take a shot, however, at trying to take this seriously.

Rob Gronkowski only managed to play in seven games for the New England Patriots last season due to injury. He remains one of the more colorful athletes in the sport, for uh, let’s just say varied reasons. It’s a little surprising, then, that Gronk has not necessarily taken a turn at Hollywood aside from the discussed Gronkowski family reality show.

That will all change very soon. Not only is Gronk going to be among the bevy of athlete cameos in the Entourage movie, he’s also going take his shot at improv. That’s right, Rob Gronkowski will be a guest star on Whose Line is it Anyway?

For those of you unaware, The CW has revived the British/American hit from the 2000s to relative success, with the show headed towards its third season under new host Aisha Tyler. One of the newer (albeit less popular) aspects of the series is that they have “celebrity” guests come in and improvise with some of the cast members every week. The episode with Gronk airs Monday, June 2nd.

Meanwhile, someone at The CW has to wonder what’s become of their original vision of the network when at some point they’ll be showing a New England Patriots tight end doing short-form improv with four middle-aged dudes and Aisha Tyler. Good work!

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