Former MLB pitcher and former ESPN and Fox baseball analyst Rob Dibble is known for his schtick that focuses on being “edgy” as a Nasty Boy a generation ago.  After being a national television analyst and radio host for several years, Dibble is currently working for an ESPN Radio affiliate in Connecticut after bouncing down the ladder to the local circuit.

True to form, Dibble took to Twitter to philosophize on the true meaning of sabermetrics and amaze baseball fans everywhere with his deep thoughts.  What follows is a journey through the mind of Rob Dibble, which is as dangerous as trying to ford a river on the Oregon Trail…

I’ve heard a lot of words to describe sabermetrics, but “speculation” is not one of them. That’s kind of counter to the entire point of a heavy focus on the use of numbers and statistics, isn’t it?  Also, I’m not sure you need any advanced algorithms in the crude anecdote Dibble references, but fair enough, let’s just see where it goes.

Math is stupid and hard and just, really dumb.  Of course.  We’ve heard that argument a billion times.  Ok, what else do you have for me?

Like, you just totally figured out that acronym all on your own!  Kudos to you, Rob Dibble!  But I’m a little confused, because if you can figure out what OPS stands for, is it really that difficult to do a 3-second Google search and find out what WAR means?  I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic in this tweet or channeling your inner Jason Whitlock.

It’s almost like if you combined a large amount of money with a smart methodology in running a franchise… you’ll have success!  Who would have thunk it!

What do the Buffalo Bills have to do with this?  Haven’t those fans suffered enough?

Finally, Rob Dibble’s rant against sabermetrics ends in the place we all predicted.

So… the nerds win, except when they lose.  And sabermetrics is BS… but Rob Dibble loves it.  I think our wagon just tipped over in the river and everyone died.  WE TOTALLY MISSED THE POINT!!!

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