Longtime readers of our site will know that beIn Sport soccer analyst Ray Hudson is one of our favorite commentators around the globe.  His one-of-a-kind commentary is truly a gift from the gods.  No announcer is as exquisite or extravagant in his use of the English language as the self-proclaimed verbal gymnast.

Hudson has gained more and more recognition in recent years, and now he finds himself lending his lyrical prose as the star of a new commercial.  That’s right, Hudson now plays the leading role in a Dairy Queen commercial promoting the new Chips Ahoy Blizzard.

I’m more of a Mint Oreo man myself.  Nevertheless, it’s about time someone finally realized that Ray Hudson’s brilliantly insane commentary should be used to sell ice cream.


This is amazing.  If Ray Hudson becomes a top pitchman and stars in commercials all over American television, then we can finally say this website has served a higher purpose in promoting his work.

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