The broadcast crews in the National League Central give me a feeling of adequacy. Nothing seems to stand out in either direction, but the division does have some national voices like Brian Anderson, Thom Brennaman, and Tim McCarver. Give each broadcast crew a rating, and if you have strong opinions in either direction, let us know in the comments.

We’ll use your feedback in the final rankings of the broadcast teams. For more on the series and what it’s all about, click here.

Chicago Cubs
-Len Kasper (play by play)
-Jim Deshaies (analyst)
-Todd Hollandsworth (analyst – select)

Cincinnati Reds
-Thom Brennaman (play by play)
-Chris Welsh (analyst)
-Jim Kelch (play by play – select)
-Geroge Grande (play by play – select)
-Jeff Brantley (analyst – select)

Milwaukee Brewers
-Brian Anderson (play by play)
-Bill Schroeder (analyst)
-Matt Lepay (play by play – select)
-Craig Coshun (play by play – select)
-Craig Counsell (analyst – select)
-Jerry Augustine (analyst – select)

Pittsburgh Pirates
-Greg Brown (play by play)
-Tim Neverett (play by play)
-Bob Walk (analyst)
-Steve Blass (analyst – home)
-John Wehner (analyst – road)

St. Louis Cardinals
-Dan McLaughlin (play by play)
-Rick Horton (play by play/analyst)
-Al Hrabosky (analyst)
-Tim McCarver (analyst – select)

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