The American League Central has a number of broadcast crews with plenty of tenure, but little national exposure. Well.. except for some guy in Chicago, of course. Give each broadcast crew a rating, and if you have strong opinions in either direction, let us know in the comments. We’ll use that feedback in the final rankings of the broadcast teams. For more on the series and what it’s all about, click here.

Chicago White Sox
-Hawk Harrelson (play by play)
-Steve Stone (analyst, play by play – select)
-Aaron Rowand (analyst -select)
-Mike Huff (analyst – select)
-Tom Paciorek (analyst – select)

Cleveland Indians
-Matt Underwood (play by play)
-Rick Manning (analyst)

Detroit Tigers
-Mario Impemba (play by play)
-Rod Allen (analyst)

Kansas City Royals
-Ryan Lefebvre (play by play)
-Steve Physioc (play by play)
-Rex Hudler (analyst)
-Jeff Montgomery (analyst)

Minnesota Twins
-Dick Bremer (play by play)
-Bert Blyleven (analyst – home)
-Jack Morris (analyst – select)
-Roy Smalley (analyst -select)
-Tom Kelly (analyst – select)
-Tim Laudner (analyst – select)

Grade the AL East Announcers

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