Despite recent buzz following Rachel Nichols from some of her excellent interviews, viewers still were unable to find her show on CNN.

Unguarded, which saw Nichols hosting a show that gave viewers a bird’s eye look at some of the top stories and newsmakers in sports, has been cancelled by CNN in the midst of the network drastically reshuffling their lineup. The network (and corporate partner HLN) have cancelled nearly a half-dozen shows and disbanded their entertainment units in New York and Los Angeles just in the past few days.

Nichols will continue with the network as their sports anchor and provide reports from various events. She has been a sideline reporter for Turner’s (which, obviously, owns CNN, TBS and TNT among others) coverage of the NBA, MLB Playoffs and NCAA Tournament. She’s also represented the network at various major events, including Roger Goodell’s first press conference after the blowup of the Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson scandals. Nichols won great critical acclaim from numerous outlets, including this one, for her efforts.

This just goes to show you how hard it is for a sports show to work on any network other than ESPN. Nichols had an awful Friday night timeslot, but she has a high name awareness in the sports media world and has been doing excellent work. Sadly, viewers were either unwilling to follow her or unable to find her.

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