The story of Toronto Blue Jays pitcher R.A Dickey is heading to the big screen. A movie adaptation of Dickey’s autobiography Wherever I Wind Up is in the works, and the script will be written by Buzz Bissinger. Set to star in the film are Ben McKenzie and Logan Marshall-Green, both of whom formerly starred in The O.C.

We’re far, far away from a release, but Dickey’s story (first-round pick turned journeyman turned Cy Young winner) is an inspiring one, and Bissinger (who authored Friday Night Lights) certainly has experience writing about sports. I think the best comparison might end up being the Disney-produced film The Rookie about Jim Morris, a high school coach turned major league pitcher.

This could end up interesting. Hopefuilly, Dickey is still in the majors when the film is eventually released. He’s 39-years old, and is only under a guaranteed contract with the Blue Jays through 2015.

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