Pierre McGuire is a man who knows a lot of things about hockey. That’s not exclusive to the NHL. As viewers of the NHL on NBC and NBCSN are often quick to mention, the man seemingly knows the high school, college and/or junior hockey team of every player who has ever played in the game.

It got to the point where we at Awful Announcing were curious: just how often during each game does Pierre mention the Brandon Wheat Kings or the Brampton Battalion or the University of Michigan? We took notes of every time Pierre made mention of one such team during both Tuesday night’s Boston-Detroit Game 3 and last night’s Pittsburgh-Columbus OT thriller.

In what is an almost crazy coincidence, he referenced amateur hockey (i.e. any college, junior, high school, minor or developmental team) seven times in both broadcasts. He referenced more actual teams and spent more broadcast time talking about amateur hockey during Pittsburgh-Columbus. The second period was when he made the most references to junior or college hockey in both games, with four.

Pierre has an almost mind boggling knowledge of this stuff, so myself and Awful Announcing video maven Josh Gold-Smith decided to pay tribute. Here is a super cut of every time McGuire mentioned a non-NHL hockey franchise during the past two days, including a bunch of Vermont references, and a glorious four-in-one namedrop for Columbus forward Cam Atkinson. Enjoy.

Video via Josh Gold-Smith

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