When Alabama loses in football, the Paul Finebam show on the following Monday is destination radio. This loss to Ole Miss wasn’t as bad as the 2013 Iron Bowl aftermath, which melted Finebaum’s phone lines, not allowing anyone to call in and air their grievances.

On top of the loss in general, ESPN radio host and hot takes enthusiast Colin Cowherd said that this loss was the official end of Alabama’s dynasty, which is something Cowherd would definitely say.

While all of PAWWWWWL’s regular clientele made their opinions known, the best call was that of Phyllis from Mulga, who gave Cowherd a piece of her mind.

This was one of the more coherent rants from Phyllis, a longtime caller who hails from Mulga, Alabama, a town outside of Birmingham with fewer than 1,000 people. She thoroughly defends her Crimson Tide and Nick Saban, while hilariously only referring to Cowherd as “Cowturd.” She insults “Cowturd’s” integrity and calls him “jealous,” finally telling him: “Kiss my butt. Roll Tide.”

Paul just sits back, listens and smiles, knowing that all these crazy people are the only reason he is on television.

(H/T College Spun)

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