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Earlier this week, Phillies manager Ryne Sandberg revealed that he was stricken with a case of food poisoning after eating a burger from the Shake Shack at Citi Field. Naturally, that led several LOLMets comments and memes, which you’d fully expect from this situation.

Phillies blog (excuse me, bolg) Zoo With Roy took things a step further, crafting a hilarious, clearly fake, letter by Sandberg about the incident. The letter was pretty clearly tongue in cheek, as it featured Sandberg describing his bowel movements and several comparisons of the Shake Shack management team to that of the Phillies.

Enter Darren Rovell. ESPN’s business reporter actually got the Phillies to confirm that the very fake letter was in fact not real.

Well…. duh. This led to a barrage of tweets pointing out the obvious and filled with disbelief over the fact that the Phillies were led to actually respond to satire.

And what about the source of the letter, Zoo With Roy? Well, he fired back in a way that only he could – by unearthing some of his most ridiculous posts from the past (directed towards Rovell) and confirming that yes, they weren’t real.

Phew, at least this is all cleared up now.


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