Over the past week, we went deep in analyzing the first year of Fox Sports 1 and covered nearly every possible angle in looking at the positives and negatives of the one for fun.  In case you need caught up on any of our FS1 Week coverage, all of our articles are listed below.

Monday – Why Fox Sports 1’s biggest issue in Year 1 was setting expectations too high and under-delivering on their challenge for ESPN.

Tuesday – Joe Lucia’s list of the biggest breakout stars at FS1.

Wednesday – Steve Lepore with the definitive verdict on Fox Sports Live, why it’s failed, and what hope the show has for the future.

Thursday – The 10 Most Fun Moments of Fox Sports 1.

Friday – Ben Koo on Fox Sports 1 and the need to pass the DVR test.

Saturday – Steve Lepore’s list of 10 Questions for Fox Sports 1’s second year.

Sunday – Fox Sports 1 GM and COO David Nathanson sat down with our Ken Fang for an in-depth interview.

But now that Fox Sports 1 is a year and a day old, it’s time to hear from the most important voice in this discussion.


Below are a series of polls that will help us understand the first year of Fox Sports 1 in greater detail with the people that matter most and give our readers a voice in grading the FS1 launch.  We’ll share and break down the results later this week.







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