The NHL isn't exactly known for having a sense of humor about itself, but its teams' Twitter accounts are the sassiest in the land. Once the Kings gave the concept of hockey teams acting more like fans on Twitter (albeit, with material far more clever than the average fan) more teams across all sports started doing it. It has made the corporate aspect of sports Twitter far more tolerable.

It may come as no surprise to you to discover that the Columbus Blue Jackets are one of the early adopters. A team that was lousy its first decade in existance always has some natural element of comedy to it. Throw in the fact that the Blue Jackets have a naturally funny player on the squad (ask Jay Onrait about "BOBROVSKY!") and it figures they would set up to have a solid Twitter feed.

Columbus' Twitter feed was in fine form on Sunday night, following the end of the Super Bowl madness machine.

A solid tweet, though the Carolina Hurricanes were skeptical. 

However, the Blue Jackets gave us all a reason to hope for the future.

Bless you, sassy NHL team Twitter feeds. You make the days brighter, and you're filled with hockey goodness. 

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