Mickey Rooney was one of Hollywood’s first star actors. Many of this generation know Dana Carvey’s parody of Rooney being the #1 box office draw in the world, but he really was at one point in the late 1930s and early 40s. He worked with some of film’s greatest actors and directors, and is one of Hollywood’s most celebrated performers.

In the wake of Rooney’s passing, it’s more than a little disappointing that Jimmy Kimmel Live¬†has found so many local newscasters confusing Rooney with the late CBS commentator Andy Rooney. Unfortunately, it’s not just a single outlier, but seemingly the rule based on this clip.


One of those is a CBC station, so it’s not just broadcasts from the middle of nowhere being lax on remembering which Rooney is which. I mean, it’s a pretty basic mistake to make, and though both Rooneys worked into advanced age, there is very little similar about them. Do better, newscasts!

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