MLS Cup 2014 took place yesterday and the Los Angeles Galaxy defeated the New England Revolution 2-1 in extra time to send Landon Donovan a champion.  The game was a terrific end to the 2014 MLS season.  And at least one person was very happy to see the MLS season come to a close so he wouldn’t have to be bothered anymore by it.

Dan Shaughnessy, come on down!

This is the most “Get Off My Lawn” tweet from a curmudgeonly old sportswriter in the history of the medium.

The word “troll” gets tossed around too much these days on the internet, but this Shaughnessy tweet is the essential meaning of what trolling is all about.  There’s no mention of it being a great season for the Revs with stars like Lee Nguyen and Jermaine Jones, no mention of record crowds in the MLS Cup Playoffs, no, none of that.  No, the hometown team loses its championship game and Shaughnessy’s first thought is to say the team doesn’t matter anyways, so what difference does it make?  You can’t make it into the club because Dan Shaughnessy says so.

Why soccer scares curmudgeonly sports columnists SO MUCH that they have to actively try to sabotage its growth and success is mind-boggling.  As if it’s somehow not allowable to like anything outside the pre-ordained Sports Columnist Opinion.  Shaughnessy’s pure hatred of soccer is a tired and well known trope, but a laughably hypocritical one considering he wrote an entire column about how soccer had arrived during the 2011 World Cup.

Well, thankfully someone in MLS finally decided to stand up to Shaughnessy, and that someone was New York Red Bulls head coach Mike Petke.  The Red Bulls lost to the Revs in the Eastern Conference final, but Petke decided he needed to take on Shaughnessy on behalf of all of us who have the audacity to enjoy soccer.

Dear Mike Petke, that was perfect.

If only Dan Shaughnessy would listen to Dan Shaughnessy circa 2011 and realize soccer has arrived as a major sport in this country.  Between MLS, EPL, World Cup, Champions League, and all the other soccer at our disposal, the sport continues to reach new heights.  And somehow, the fabric of American society has not disintegrated with soccer’s growing popularity.  What’s truly pathetic is that Shaughnessy feels the need to diss a hometown team and fanbase in still waging a war that he already lost a long time ago.

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