I’ve routinely made fun of NBC for some of their music selections during the Stanley Cup Playoffs. 2014 has featured a rotation of bland wuss-rock anthems, replacing Fall Out Boy’s much-maligned lighting of the mups. 2012’s cycle of Nickelback songs were like some kind of cosmic joke on hockey fans.

At least for their Stanley Cup Final promo, they appear to have brought out the big guns. Perhaps the biggest guns of all time, some might argue. They’ve gone with the isolated vocal tracks of David Bowie and Freddie Mercury from “Under Pressure.”


I hope they re-cut it for when the teams are narrowed down to two and keep using it throughout the Final. Or, even better, that there’s a Tim Thompson somewhere at NBC Sports in Stamford who can do some kind of opening montage with the song. Either way, that’s in my opinion the best NHL on NBC promo I think I’ve seen in their time with the sport.

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