The NFL has the shortest season of the major professional sports in America, and thus the longest offseason in which the league’s television partners look for creative ways to keep fans’ interest.  Although the NFL is becoming a 24/7/365 sporting obsession for America, there’s still a downtime in the summer months when we can breathe from the non-stop cycle of news.

It’s during this time when we see programs like the NFL Network’s Top 100 Players and other rankings give fans of the league something to talk about as we wait until training camp begins.  Pro Football Talk and NBC Sports are also getting in the action with a new series that will debut on June 2nd on the daily NBCSN show.

Prime Numbers will examine, debate, and name the most influential players who have worn each number throughout NFL history.  In addition to hosts Mike Florio and Erik Kuselias, Sunday Night Football analysts Rodney Harrison, Hines Ward, and Tony Dungy will take part in the discussion along with Warren Moon, Adam Vinatieri, Tim Brown and Torry Holt.

The series will not only talk about all-time greats (with plans to interview Hall of Famers who have worn said numbers) but also the best players currently wearing that number and other facts associated with the numerals that have adorned NFL jerseys for decades.

And what new series would be complete without corporate synergy?  Prime Numbers will not only feature on Pro Football Talk’s TV show, but of course the website as well.  Additionally, local CSN affiliates will join the party with their own discussions in the local NFL markets about Prime Numbers.

The series will highlight multiple numbers each day and also take a look at the most memorable NFL moments associated with each number.  I sure hope they include recent Saints Hall of Fame inductee Aaron Brooks’ backwards pass when discussing #2.

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