MLB, the NBA, the NHL, NASCAR, and Campus Insiders are all partnering to launch a new digital video channel called 120 Sports, which will focus on two minute videos providing highlights, interviews, and analysis of the participating sports.

The content will be streamed live and will use MLBAM's now-legendary technology backbone, which is most famously used for WatchESPN. 120 Sports will be very similar to NFL Now, which was announced earlier this month.

This won't be competing with the numerous national sports TV networks. With no cable provider authentication needed, 120 Sports is going after the user that wants SportsCenter-type content without dedicating time to TV watching. Digital video is a field that is continually growing, and these leagues (as well as Time, which is providing content from Sports Illustrated) are trying to capture a more broad audience than they already are with their in-house platforms.

[Capital New York]

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