Mike Milbury tends to inspire a wide range of feelings to viewers of the NHL on NBC. Many of them are not necessarily positive. Anytime I mention the man known as “Mad Mike” on Twitter, I’m bound to see a bunch of angry responses, usually based on Milbury’s tenure as an NHL general manager.

One such dissenter is NHL enforcer and Twitter maven Paul Bissonette, whom many of you may know by the name “BizNasty.” He chirped Milbury on his favorite form of social media a few days ago:

Snap, indeed. BizNasty surely will have a TV job somewhere after hockey, though I think a reality show would be way more entertaining. Milbury responded via Off the Record with Michael Landsberg on TSN:

“If he has another career after hockey, it’ll still be his first.” If the Coyotes don’t make the postseason this year, I think NBC knows who they need to reach out to as a guest analyst during the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

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