The story of where and when Michael Sam will be drafted will no doubt be the major storyline of the later rounds of the 2014 NFL Draft.  It’s every television producers dream to have this kind of mainstream sports and news story to draw viewers in for the final rounds of the event.  He will be the most talked about and scrutinized mid-late round pick in NFL Draft history.  (That is of course, if he’s drafted at all.)

But the former Missouri star has reportedly declined an opportunity to step into the spotlight.  According to a tweet from Mark Burns of The Sporting News, Sam has rejected advances from ESPN and NFL Network to stick a camera in his face during the draft.

All of the moves here are understandable.  ESPN and NFL Network would certainly want to capture the moment Sam is drafted and be there with him to document history.  However, ever since his coming out Sam has kept a relatively low profile.  By saying no to being one of the  hopeful draftees captured in his living room sitting by the phone, he will keep that low profile in tact.

Nevertheless, expect Sam to dominate the headlines in the later rounds of the draft, with or without cameras present.

H/T Black Sports Online

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