The war in the New York media between Michael Kay and Mike Francesa is heating up once again. Earlier today, Alex Rodriguez admitted to taking PEDs obtained from the Biogenesis clinic, a direct contradiction of what he told Francesa in a now-legendary interview last year.

Kay was asked about his thoughts on the situation, which soon morphed into an absolute destruction of the Sports Pope.

The Francesa rant starts at roughly the one minute mark of this clip.

Among the highlights…

-YES has only called Kay about the content on his show one time – after his first episode, when he dumped a bottle of Diet Coke.
-Francesa is lying about why his show isn’t on YES.
-Kay’s ratings now are better than Francesa’s when he was on YES.
-YES doesn’t want a show where the host falls asleep on air.
-“I want you to give me proof, I want you to give it on your show between naps, when exactly we said anything that was editorially controlled by the Yankees or YES”.

Bomb = dropped. Hopefully Francesa will respond tomorrow.

And in case you wanted the video if Kay’s rant, here you go.

Massive thank you to @SprtsRadioMongo for the audio!

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