Mack Brown

Former University of Texas head coach Mack Brown won’t be out of work for long.  Multiple individuals (the first of which being Texas football oracle Chip Brown) are reporting that Brown is set to join ESPN as a college football studio analyst.  Because if the world needs one thing, it’s more football analysts!

Brown’s hiring by ESPN certainly makes sense, especially if you consider Lou Holtz has said he is leaving ESPN after the season.  Now Bristol has a ready made replacement in the “folksy former coach” department.

He’s served in guest spots before, but it’ll be interesting to see how Brown does on a full-time basis, especially when it comes to his Longhorns.  For what it’s worth, ESPN also just happens to have an entire network dedicated to Texas football for which Brown could use his expertise about the team.  Wouldn’t that just be phenomenal for everyone involved!

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