Earlier in the NCAA Tournament we saw a local Florida television station get around broadcast rights restrictions by acting out a game in their office.  WCJB in Gainesville used a Nerf hoop and staffers to recreate the Gators’ win over the Dayton Flyers in the Elite 8.

Well, that station started a trend because now we have another very creative local sportscast that attempts to get around these broadcast restrictions.

WDRB is the Fox affiliate in Louisville.  And although the Cardinals were knocked out in the Sweet 16, the basketball hotbed was still keen on showing highlights of the UConn-Florida Final Four matchup.

The station used the NES game Double Dribble as the video for the highlight package in 16 bit form…

WDRB 41 Louisville News

Brilliant.  Now if only a station can give out to the Cinemaware basketball game I played as a child, my life would be complete.


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