The Bakersfield Condors had one of the most bizarre minor league giveaways of all bizarre minor league giveaways when they gave one "lucky" fan a cemetery plot for two worth $5,000.  And just look at how excited that fan is to have found his corpse and a partner of his choosing!  Of course, the minor league promotion meant going all-out with a hearse on the ice and the whole nine yards.

KGET sportscaster Mark Haas channeled the dark humor of the evening with another themed sportscast that have become popular viral hits over the last year.  Haas' theme of choice?


Congrats to Haas on working an impressive 35 death puns into his 2 minutes of airtime, including a perfect choice at the end that stuck the landing.  Truly a worthy effort in resurrecting the themed local sportscast.

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