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AA readers know there’s nothing that piques our interest quite like a good old fashioned media feud.  Former bombastic wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson is no stranger to those feuds, that range from Warren Sapp to that little Canadian hooligan Justin Bieber.  Now Keyshawn is feuding with longtime NFL analyst Boomer Esiason.

And it’s all over fellow former Jets receiver Wayne Chrebet.  Because what great sports argument of the last 20 years doesn’t begin and end with Wayne Chrebet?

On his Boomer & Carton WFAN morning show, Esiason spoke glowingly about Chrebet as the Jets announced he will be inducted into their ring of honor later this year.

He also took the opportunity to take a knock at Johnson’s heart as a player.  Via CBS New York:

“I just hated the fact that Keyshawn Johnson called him the mascot of the Jets,” Boomer said. “Totally disrespectful. If you put Keyshawn Johnson and Wayne Chrebet in a room together and you looked at the guys, you’d say, ‘OK, who’s gonna be the better player?’ You would say that Keyshawn Johnson would be because he’s more gifted and everything else.

“But I’ll tell you what. You take Wayne Chrebet’s heart out of him and put it into Keyshawn Johnson, you got Jerry Rice. That’s basically what you have.”

Esiason and Chrebet played for one season together in 1995, Chrebet’s rookie year with the Jets.  Esiason moved on to Arizona in 1996 when the Jets took Keyshawn Johnson with their first pick.

Johnson caught wind of the comments and didn’t take kindly to them…

This isn’t the first time the two former Jets have traded barbs publicly.  Back in 2011, Esiason said Johnson wasn’t a good team player.  Johnson fired back by saying Esiason was “infatuated” with him.  For whatever reason, it’s apparent Esiason is still not a fan of Mr. Throw Me The Damn Ball.

It’s a shame these two guys work for competing networks because it’s unlikely we’ll ever see them cross paths on television.  If they did, we could finally start that elimination game of Survivor to finally pare down the small village of NFL analysts that populate our television screens on a daily basis.

All I want to know is this, though – whose side is Wayne Chrebet taking?

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