Earlier this week Rick Reilly wrote a creepy letter to Derek Jeter’s yet-to-be-born children that compared the Yankees shortstop to Gandhi, Neil Armstrong, Susan B. Anthony, and ancient Babylonian king Hammurabi.  Or something like that.  Needless to say, the Rickster laid it on a little thick.

That led Katie Nolan of Fox Sports, the one Regis Philbin always said in his charming grandfatherly way was “blowing up the internet” on the late Crowd Goes Wild, to respond to Reilly with her own letter.  Except this letter wasn’t intended for Derek Jeter’s unborn children, but rather his possibly already born children already in existence around the country.  Because Derek Jeter has a certain reputation with the ladies and professional athletes can sometimes… well, you know.

Katie Nolan has made a delightful habit of owning Rick Reilly.


Fox Sports 1 needs to get Katie Nolan back on TV.  Pronto.  (Do people still say “pronto?”)

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