On the heels of a newly filed players’ lawsuit against the NFL, legendary broadcaster John Madden dropped a “well, now that you told us this, we’re actually not surprised” bomb on us. He revealed that an unnamed broadcaster was taking advantage of the painkiller shots meant for players.

Via the NY Daily News:

“I know an announcer that goes down to the locker room to get a Toradol shot before a game,” Madden said Wednesday during his regular segment on KCBS Radio in San Francisco.

“I think he goes at a different time (than the players), you know, he gets there early, you know, that type of thing,” Madden said. “But he’s gotten Toradol shots.”

The lawsuit was filed by former Bears QB Jim McMahon and seven other players that claim the league provided them with illegal painkillers, which led to addiction and long term complications.

Announcing an NFL game isn’t so painful it required shots of illegal painkillers (unless you’re watching the Jaguars), but in all likelihood Madden is talking about a former player who is still using. If it is true, it’s more evidence that this is another serious issue the league will have to address.

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