In the aftermath of the Josh Shaw story that has turned from inspirational to disappointing (to say the least) in shockingly quick fashion, more questions have risen about USC’s ongoing, seemingly never-ending drama. While anchoring SportsCenter on Wednesday night, John Anderson didn’t mince words while talking with Danny Kanell, calling USC a “clown college”.

When Anderson puts everything into a neat little package like that…yeah, USC football really does look like a sham. I don’t necessarily think its fair to lump the entire school into that discussion, but this is a chaotic culture that has shown no signs of letting up – you can’t just keep pointing your finger at the football program and blaming it for all of the issues.

Maybe things will change with Steve Sarkisian at the helm of USC football. After all, Shaw committed with USC when Lane Kiffin was still at the helm of the team. Perhaps the culture at USC will change in time – but right now, it hasn’t changed. USC is still a chaotic mess. Anderson is dead on with his comments – until you can show there has truly been a culture change, USC doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt.

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