Sports Illustrated’s loss is ESPN’s gain.

Just two weeks after SI laid off longtime NFL writer Jim Trotter, ESPN has snatched him up:

Trotter was nice enough to fill us in on some of the job details. His focus will be entirely on the NFL, with heavy emphasis on TV appearances, including doing features for Sunday Countdown and live hits from games – pre and post. He will also do a solid amount of writing for the web and/or ESPN the Magazine. He will be in the studio in Bristol as well as LA.

“It is a multi-platform deal which is tremendous and I was really blown away by it. It was a great package they put together to allow me to do a lot of things,” Trotter said.

While he was also contacted by Fox and Bleacher Report, he talked about what stuck out to him in moving to the worldwide leader:

“When you’re in there, you truly see the passion people have for doing their jobs well. It just jumped out at me when I was there. I couldn’t be happier, truly.”

Trotter is another in a long line of talented writers and reporters that have joined the 24/7/365 effort ESPN puts forward in covering the NFL.

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