Former WWE broadcaster Jim Ross has made his writing debut on, and while it's nothing earth-shattering (memories of the Royal Rumble), it's definitely a change of pace for Fox and a viewpoint from Ross that doesn't seem to have been influenced by WWE.

Now, what makes this column stand out from the usual tripe you see from WWE columnists? Well, Ross talks about the fantastic Kurt Angle-Chris Benoit match from the 2003 Rumble – something that would never skate through the usual WWE channels after Benoit murdered his family before killing himself in 2007. He's been scraped from WWE history since, and Ross talking about him in his very first column for Fox seems like a subtle hint that his work for Fox will be devoid of fluff.

If Ross is joining Fox as a pro wrestling columnist, it's an interesting direction for them to go in. You never see wrestling articles on NBC Sports, CBS Sports, or ESPN, while new media style sites like SB Nation, Grantland and Bleacher Report thrive with that type of content. Fox isn't breaking any new ground here, but they are giving themselves a bit of an advantage over some of their other competitors by breaking into a new territory and covering pro wrestling with some level of seriousness.

[Fox Sports]

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