NBC hockey analyst Jeremy Roenick’s always been one of the more unusual players-turned-commentators, from writing “Modern stars worry too much about being diplomatic. F— diplomacy” to his famed feud with Patrick Roy to knocking Matthew Perry into the boards in an extended Go On cameo. Thus, if there’s anyone who’s going to walk off a studio set in the middle of a segment, Roenick would be a good bet. Who expected the trigger in question to be fellow analyst Keith Jones translating Montreal coach Michel Therrien’s French, though?

In response to Jones’ comments about understanding¬†French, Roenick goes “That scares me. For that, I’m out of here,” and he promptly exits stage right. Liam McHugh’s “Take your white pants and go home” is a pretty good quick reaction, though. We should all probably just be grateful that JR was wearing pants…

[Puck Daddy]

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