The NBA released their latest and perhaps most ridiculous jersey fad with nickname jerseys for last night's Heat-Nets game.  For the Heat, LeBron James was "King James" and Ray Allen was "J. Shuttlesworth."  For the Nets, Paul Pierce was "Truth" and Kevin Garnett was "The Big Ticket."  For the stars with actual nicknames, it's a great marketing ploy.  For everyone who just got their initials on their jersey, the league needs to try harder.  If every professional darts player has a nickname, surely you can do better than "J.J." for BOTH Joe Johnson and James Jones.  Also, calling Brook Lopez "Brooklyn" is just an insult to everyone's intelligence.   

With that mini-rant out of the way, ESPN's announce team of Mike Breen and Jeff Van Gundy also received their own nickname jerseys and I have to say JVG got by far the better end of the deal.  I don't think anyone in the history of earth has ever wanted to be called the Gray Mamba.

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