Tonight, when the Washington Redskins host the Cleveland Browns on Monday Night Football, Washington head coach Jay Gruden is not expecting special treatment from his brother Jon.

Via ProFootball Talk:

“Jon is Jon,” Jay Gruden said. “He’s going to be positive if he can, but if I do something that’s out-of-line ignorant, I’m sure he’ll call me on it.”

This is also unique in the sense that one brother is calling another’s game as opposed to a father calling his son’s game, something we’re far more used to. In fact, I’m sure Archie Manning does this on a regular basis even if he hasn’t been asked.

It’s hard to imagine Jon Gruden being negative in GENERAL let alone towards his brother during a pre-season game. Gruden, I’m sure, will be more excited than he normally is, so it will be interesting to see how this turns out. Since pre-season doesn’t REALLY count, I think Jay should make a really bad decision on purpose just to see how his brother handles it. Just kidding. Sort of.

[ProFootball Talk]

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