With NFL free agency now in full-swing, one name has largely been absent from our Twitter feeds – Jay Glazer of Fox Sports. We wondered about where Glazer was on Tuesday, and the answer was something we didn't expect at all – he's in the hospital battling double pneumonia after a back procedure went wrong. The details from TMZ are, well, horrifying.

Glazer was having a back procedure to treat a broken disc Tuesday morning … but shortly after doctors put him under he got sick and started choking on his own vomit — the fluid ended up filling BOTH lungs.

Glazer was rushed to an L.A. area hospital where his breathing was so shallow his blood oxygen level dropped into the 70s (90-100 is normal) — which over any prolonged period can easily turn into a life or death situation.

This is just depressing. Glazer is one of the best reporters out there, and it's truly a shame to see him in such dire straits because of what he thought was a minor procedure. Perhaps the craziest part about this whole situation – Glazer still wanted to leave the hospital in time to work this Saturday's UFC card in Dallas.

Hopefully, we'll see Glazer there and his health is on the upswing.


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