After months and months of tumbleweeds, there is finally some definitive momentum with Jason Whitlock’s “Black Grantland” site.  Amy DuBois Barnett will be joining Jason Whitlock’s yet-to-be-named site as an Executive Editor. She’ll manage editorial operations of the site which aims to provide coverage and analysis regarding sports and pop culture for an African-American audience.

Barnett is a nice addition for the site as she already has a couple of awards under her belt. She was named 2012 Media Executive of the Year by Target Market News and she was included on the Folio 100, a list which recognizes those in magazine media.

Whitlock commented on the addition of Barnett, via ESPN:

“Amy’s impressive resume across a wide range of publications and brands, as well as her leadership experience, will ensure that the site will be at the forefront of news and commentary relevant to African-Americans. Together, we aim to serve audiences with quality and innovative journalism when the site debuts.”

Barnett’s resume is pretty impressive and it looks like she’ll be a valuable member of Whitlock’s team. Her previous experiences, including that with Ebony, should serve her well in her new role. Still, we’re still eager to see how all of this will play out. We’re starting to get an idea of who will be running Whitlock’s site, but there are still a ton of questions left to be answered.


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