I have never seen so much goodness confined to a 64 second span than this YouTube video posted by the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  It’s a “Sunday!  Sunday!  Sunday!” retro ad that also contains an absurd amount of ridiculously over-the-top humor in an attempt to promote $30 tickets for this week’s Brickyard 400 NASCAR race.

Watch and behold…

It’s impossible to do, but let’s list all the great things about my favorite viral video attempt of the year…

1) Red, White, and Blue lettering. #Merica
2) “Roundhouse of awesome square in your facehole.”
3) “Real bricks… MADE OF TEARS!!!”
4) Eagles punching one another at the rodeo
5) Making fun of Jimmie Johnson fans
6) Encouraging fans to bring their chinchillas

If there’s anything that can being NASCAR’s popularity trending in the right direction again, it is productions like this.

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