Last week, Howard Stern attended the Nets/Knicks game at Madison Square Garden. As expected, he had floor seats, because of course he did. Well, apparently, Stern left the game early. This did not sit well with ESPN NBA Analyst Jeff Van Gundy, who took offense to this early departure and announced that if it were up to him, he would no longer provide prime seating to Stern or anyone else who has the nerve to leave a professional basketball game early.

TMZ Sports has the audio of Stern giving Van Gundy the what for:

The best part of this audio is Van Gundy mentioning that Nick Lachey hadn’t left yet. I don’t think Nick Lachey has a day job. Stern mentioned he left because he had to get up at 4am and needed to sleep. Why does Van Gundy even care? But on the other hand, why is Stern taking this particular trolling so personally?

He gets SO defensive, he’s like the guy who just got turned down for a date listing all the reasons he didn’t want to go out with the girl in the first place. So basically this two way trolling was a waste of time for both parties, but fun for us to hear Stern say “he really wouldn’t know what it means to be a winner.” Which is off topic. But true.

[H/T Fox Sports]

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