It’s a long holiday weekend, so outlets are scrambling to find any morsel of content that might be somewhat tangentially relevant to the sports world.

When it comes to ESPN and LeBron James though, that’s an every day… no, every hour occurrence.  ESPN is covering The Decision: Part Deux like it’s the last event that will ever happen in the history of sports.  Nearly every aspect of James’ life has been analyzed in some way on an ESPN platform.

LeBron sends a get well tweet to Neymar, ESPN spends 10 minutes talking about it on SportsCenter.  Actually, this happens for every LeBron tweet.

LeBron brushes his teeth, ESPN sends a text update.

LeBron drinks blue Powerade instead of orange, let’s get Brian Windhorst’s thoughts.

Chris Broussard’s Sources report that LeBron texted Dwyane Wade about the new X-Men movie and it’s all over television and online.

It sounds like satire, but this morning on, one of their top stories was LeBron’s son catching a fish.

That’s right.  One of the top stories for ESPN, the self-proclaimed worldwide leader in sports, a multi-billion dollar company with more resources at their disposal than many small nations… was an Instagram video of LeBron’s son catching a fish.  These are your sports headlines for July 5th, 2014, America…

Screen Shot 2014-07-05 at 9.44.29 AM

We can only look forward to the fall when Johnny Manziel’s cousin bowls a career high 212 game and it makes national headlines.

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