The 2014 World Series represented a little bit of history.  It was the first Fall Classic in 62 years (give or take a couple) that did not have Tim McCarver in the broadcast booth.  The longtime broadcaster retired from national duty and was replaced by two men, Harold Reynolds and Tom Verducci.

The trio of Reynolds, Verducci, and Joe Buck called their first World Series game on Tuesday night.  And while Buck was solid and Verducci had his moments, Reynolds stepped into the role long held by McCarver – social media pinata.

Reynolds had a few notable gaffes.  He kept trying to insist the Royals played the Tigers this postseason (nope) and said Venezuela was an island (also nope).  While the 3-man booth was very chatty throughout the evening, it’s clear Reynolds is going to take the brunt of the blame from the viewing public.  And perhaps it’s a dose of karma after painting himself for a number of years as an adversarial “old school” persona.

Speaking of that old school, Reynolds has become so toxic that it led many fans to take to Twitter and ask to have Tim McCarver back.  That’s right, baseball fans yearning for the return of Tim McCarver.  You know what they say about being careful for what you wish for.

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