We’re less than 20% of the way through Derek Jeter’s final MLB season, and the retirement tour is already getting kicked into high gear. Fox Sports 1 will be airing an hour-long tribute show to Jeter at 8:30 PM next Tuesday, featuring interviews with current and former players and people around baseball heaping praise onto the Yankee captain.

I understand why this is happening – Jeter is one of the game’s biggest stars, and just happens to play in the largest market of the country. He has a squeaky clean reputation, and is loved almost universally by people in the game.

But this is a little much. The season isn’t even a quarter of the way over yet, and you’re already going all-in on the Jeter celebration tour? Last season, Fox Sports 1’s excellent Mariano Rivera documentary aired after the season. This year, Fox Sports 1 is airing a Jeter special before April is even done. If you’re going to do this, do it after the season, because I really don’t think that baseball fans can tolerate multiple Jeter retrospectives this year.

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