Who says the life of a baseball beat writer isn’t dangerous?  Well, at least for the reporter’s laptop.  During last night’s Reds-Giants game in Cincinnati, a Pablo Sandoval foul ball flew up into the press box and made a direct hit with Mark Sheldon’s laptop.  Sheldon is the Reds beat writer for MLB.com.

To add to the misfortune, the CSN Bay Area broadcast even did a freeze frame analysis of Sheldon’s reaction to his laptop being busted…

Sheldon also tweeted a picture of the laptop taken out by the Kung Fu Panda.

And if all that wasn’t bad enough, Sheldon was just about ready to file the first draft of his game story when the fateful moment happened and his laptop suffered an untimely demise.

This folks is why you ALWAYS BACK UP YOUR FILES TO AN EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE AT ALL TIMES.  Sometimes people have to learn that lesson the hard way.  But at least he got to keep the baseball.

[via Cut4]

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