Roy Hibbert has emerged as the go-to punchline in the sports world over the past couple weeks.  His sudden, unexplainable, and significant decline is one of the most perplexing things to happen in the NBA in a long time.  Hibbert had another 0 point, 0 rebound performance in Game 1 against the Wizards in another homecourt defeat for the Eastern Conference’s “top seed.”  Although in fairness, he did have 1 assist and 2 blocks.

Hibbert is averaging 4.6 PPG this postseason, which ranks T-117 in the NBA stats log and behind such offensive dynamos as Andray Blatche, Chris Andersen, and Marreese Speights.  His 3.3 RPG rank behind Steph Curry, Chris Paul and Jeremy Lin.

Clearly there’s something going on with the enigmatic Indiana big man and it’s reaching the point where fans should begin to feel empathy for him instead of just mocking him.  It’s getting difficult to watch him and the Pacers languish like this and you get the feeling that actually beating the Atlanta Hawks in Round 1 was the worst thing that could happen in this situation.  Now Hibbert and the Pacers have another two weeks to endure this crisis and torture their fans.

Former NBA All-Stars have not reached that point of empathy just yet.

Tracy McGrady posted this tweet:

Then there’s former Washington Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas, who made Hibbert his own personal punching bag on his Instagram page.  This Jeopardy dig was the highlight:

It’s easy to make fun of Hibbert, but let’s not forget the playoff records of Tracy “it feels good to get in the second round” McGrady and Gilbert Arenas, who routinely got beat by a pre-championship LeBron James and finds himself out of the league at 32.  People in glass houses sink ships, or something like that.

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